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American Purpose

An online publication, policy forum, and community devoted to defending liberal democracy at home and abroad and revitalizing the broad political center.


  • several articles per week
  • AP co-founder Francis Fukuyama’s new podcast on the state of democracy at home and abroad
  • Washington Post columnist Charles Lane’s new podcast on justice and the runaway politics of polarization

And for not much more ...

Join the fight to protect liberal democracy

The world is showing us that what we hold dear needs defending. Russia’s barbaric war against Ukraine has reminded us that authoritarian powers have their own visions of the future.

We’re deeply concerned about the state of democracy. Our most cherished tenets are being challenged at home, from the left and right. Freedom of speech, the rule of law equally applied, tolerance, a civic sphere bringing people of all backgrounds together in common purpose are all things now in jeopardy. We’re at risk of forgetting what America has always stood for.

We need your support. We will keep writing and publishing. We will keep meeting together, an antidote to the isolation that undermines our bonds and jeopardizes our democratic ways. We will continue to invest in young talent—so central to American Purpose. We’ll never forget history and culture. And we will always embrace pragmatism. Let’s tackle the problems of the day with wisdom and responsibility.

Please join us. Become a member today.

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Donors: Donate $120 and above and automatically become a member of the Leaders' Circle for the year. American Purpose welcomes your membership—we’re growing our network!—and relies on your donations, which are tax deductible for U.S. tax filers. Please consider both.

Contributions are tax deductible. American Purpose welcomes your membership — we’re growing our network! — and relies on your donations. Please consider both.