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Submissions and Correspondence

We welcome submissions as well as your correspondence regarding our articles, podcasts, and events. Please write to

American Purpose welcomes the submission of articles that address the Magazine’s major concerns: How we can revitalize the values of liberal democracy in the United States; how governments and civil institutions across the world are addressing (or failing to address) the challenges of authoritarianism and populism; and how the arts enrich and inform our lives.

We seek solutions, inspiration, and engaging analysis informed by personal experience. Political arguments should be grounded in civility and a spirit of constructive problem solving. Submissions of cultural reviews (books, music, the fine and performing arts) will be considered more favorably if the subject of the review is accessible to broad audiences.

Submission length should be 1,200 words or less, with longer submissions considered on a case-by-case basis. Submissions must be exclusive to American Purpose (having not been submitted elsewhere, or previously appeared online or in print). We do not publish speeches or written remarks that have been delivered.

We appreciate your patience as we review a high volume of submissions and will strive to contact you within a week if we intend to publish your article.

Press Inquiries

Write to

Problems with the Website?

If you are having problems viewing this website, or if you have discovered glitches, errors, or typos, please email

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