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Upcoming Events

August 2, 2021: Roman Eichinger, Claude Weinber, Ana Palacio, and Iulia Joja discuss "Germany’s elections and the next Europe"

August 4, 2021: Peter Berkowitz discusses "The Clash within Liberal Democracy"

August 6, 2021: "A Night at the Movies" with Barry Jenkins and David Thomson

August 18, 2021: Timothy Garton Ash on his article "The Future of Liberalism"

Archived Events

July 28, 2021: G. John Ikenberry and Dan Deudney discuss "the roots of Biden's foreign policy." Moderated by Carla Anne Robbins

July 21, 2021: Will Marshall on "Dems — then, now, and tomorrow"

July 13, 2021: Donald F. Kettl on his book "The Divided States of America: Why Federalism Doesn't Work." Co-sponsored by Braver Angels

July 12, 2021: Henry Sokolski on "Can Self-Government Survive the Next Convulsion?"

June 25, 2021: Edward W. Warren discusses "The Meat and Potatoes of the Supreme Court: Less Division than You Might Think." Moderated by Robert Asahina and co-sponsored by Braver Angels

June 24, 2021: David Miliband on "The Age of Impunity"

June 23, 2021: Barbara Haber and Matt Sartwell on "The World is Your Oyster — How We Cook in America." Moderated by Steven Lagerfeld

June 18, 2021: George Packer on his new book, "Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal." Moderated by William A. Galston. Co-sponsored with Braver Angels

June 17, 2021: A conversation with John Bolton on "Core Interests and Alliances"

June 16, 2021: Tom Tugendhat and Toomas Hendrik Ilves discuss "Russia and Europe"

June 15, 2021: Mathilde Fasting discusses “State Capacities and Elite Legitimacy After Covid: the Story of Scandinavia”

June 11, 2021: Jonathan Rauch on his new book "The Constitution of Knowledge." Co-sponsored with Braver Angels

June 8, 2021: Robert Asahina and Devorah Goldman on "Norton and the Roth Biography, Sorting Truth from Narrative"

May. 26, 2021: H.R. McMaster on "Interests and Alliances." Moderated by Sophia Gaston

May. 25, 2021: Franziska Brantner discusses "September elections, the German Greens, and the shape of a post-Merkel Germany”

May. 24, 2021: Françoise Mélonio on "The New Tocqueville"

May. 17, 2021: Katherine Epstein discusses her article in American Purpose, "The Tolling Bell." Moderated by Michael Mandelbaum

May. 14, 2021: Carla Robbins in conversation with Thomas B. Edsall on "Are Americans Ready To Trust Government Again?"

May. 3, 2021: Jenna Silber Storey and Benjamin Storey on "Why We Are Restless." Moderated by Ryan Hanley

April. 28, 2021: Francis Fukuyama discusses "Technology and Democracy," with Jeff Gedmin and Zach Graves. In partnership with Lincoln Network.

Apr. 23, 2021: Former Governor Tim Pawlenty on “The Trial, the Verdict ... and the GOP." Moderated by Jeff Gedmin and John Wood Jr.

Apr. 19, 2021: Steve Lagerfeld and Charles Lane discuss "American Exceptionalism." Moderated by Suzanne Garment

Apr. 15, 2021: Martha Bayles, Nick Cull, David Ensor, and Jay Tolson discuss "The Future of the Voice of America"

Apr. 12, 2021: Toomas Ilves discusses "Europe, Russia, China, and the U.S." Moderated by Melinda Haring

Apr. 8, 2021: Abubakar Siddique discusses "The Next Afghanistan." Moderated by Jay Tolson

Apr. 5, 2021: Roya Hakakian on her new book, “A Beginner’s Guide to America”

Apr. 2, 2021: William A. Galston discusses "The Age of Resentment — And How To Build Back Better"

Mar 30, 2021: Cancelled by China: A Conversation with Reinhard Bütikofer, moderated by Craig Kennedy

Mar. 25, 2021: Michael McFaul on his three-part series in American Purpose

Mar. 22, 2021: Matt Pottinger on "strategic competition with China." Moderated by Jack Beyrer

Mar. 17, 2021: Henry Sokolski discusses "Dr. Strangelove’s New Passion: Precision-guided Mayhem."

Mar. 16, 2021: Minxin Pei and Larry Diamond discuss "The China Challenge: How Democracies Should Respond."

Mar. 11, 2021: Yael Tamir discusses with Peter Skerry "Harnessing Nationalism for Liberal Ends."

Mar. 8, 2021: Michael Green with Adam Garfinkle on China through Japan's eyes.

Mar. 1, 2021: Joshua Muravchik on "Q and Conspiracy."

Feb 26, 2021: Richard Thompson Ford on his new book, “How the Laws of Fashion Made History.”

Feb 25, 2021: Zena Hitz and Azar Nafisi on “The Rebirth of Conversation.”

Feb 18, 2021: Lindsay M. Chervinsky and Craig Bruce Smith with Nicole Penn on George Washington

Feb 12, 2021: Sarah Mendelson, Peter Pomerantsev, and Steve Feldstein discuss "Biden’s Democracy Summit and Building Tech Alliances Against Disinformation." Moderated by Carla Robbins

Feb. 4, 2021: Didi Kuo with Marc Plattner and Jan Surotchak discuss "Political Parties in Crisis"

Feb 3, 2021: Ryan Hanley discusses Adam Smith: "Character Is Not for Suckers."

Jan. 29, 2021: Sheila A. Smith discusses "The Next Japan."

Jan. 22, 2021: Eli Lake and Martha Bayles discuss Inauguration Wrap-up, Trump Twitter, Big Tech and Free Speech. Moderated by Carla Robbins

Jan. 21, 2021: Yoshihide Soeya on “A View From Tokyo On U.S.-China Strategic Competition.”

Jan. 15, 2021: Agnes Callard discusses "Anger and Politics."

Dec. 16, 2020: Amanda Bennett, David Ensor, Peter Pomerantsev, Martha Bayles, Jamie Fly discuss "Turmoil at Voice of America."

Dec. 14, 2020: Aviezer Tucker on "Democracy against Liberalism?"

Dec. 11, 2020: Jessica Brandt and Eric Edelman discuss "Offsetting Authoritarian Advances."

Dec. 8, 2020: Jessica Drun, Charles Dunst, and Shahn Savino discuss “Will America Defend Taiwan?”

Dec. 4, 2020: Joe Horowitz, Angel Gil-Ordoñez, Murray Horwitz, Karen Karbiener, and William Sharp discuss “Walt Whitman and Democracy.”

Dec. 1, 2020: Martha Bayles, Jamie Fly, and Peter Pomerantsev on “America’s Voice in the World. The Future of U.S. International Media.”

Nov. 25, 2020: Francis Fukuyama and Glenn Loury discuss “Race in America.”