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June 10, 2022: Ivo Daalder discusses "NATO and Ukraine." Moderated by Carla Anne Robbins.

On June 10, 2022, Ivo Daalder joined American Purpose to discuss "NATO and Ukraine." Moderated by Carla Anne Robbins.

Ivo Daalder is president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and host of World Review with Ivo Daalder. He served as the U.S. ambassador to NATO from 2009 to 2013 and as director for European affairs on the National Security Council from 1995 to 1997. Ambassador Daalder has been a senior fellow in foreign policy studies at the Brookings Institution, and is author and editor of ten books, including, with James M. Lindsay, The Empty Throne: America's Abdication of Global Leadership (2018).

Carla Anne Robbins, an editorial board member of American Purpose, is Marxe faculty director of the master of international affairs program at Baruch College’s Marxe School of Public and International Affairs and an adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. She has covered national security and diplomacy for the Wall Street Journal and is a former deputy editorial page editor for the New York Times.

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