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Liberalism’s Future: A Symposium

Liberalism’s Future: A Symposium

American Purpose continues the discussion Francis Fukuyama initiated in our pages on the “discontents” with liberalism on the left and the right. We publish five wide-ranging responses today, with five more to follow on Wednesday.

American Purpose

Francis Fukuyama, “Liberalism and Its Discontents”

Democracy’s Discontents
Though Fukuyama is focused on the threats to liberalism, January 6 shows that the real complaints are with democracy.
Individualism’s Staying Power
The essence of liberalism is the culture of individual expression, and it’s here to stay.
Religion, Freedom, and Prosperity
Universal values at the heart of Christianity underlie the political and economic freedoms inherent in classical liberalism.
The Left’s Due—and Responsibility
The Left’s version of liberalism is essential to save the tradition from the corrosive effects of unfettered capitalism.
The Centrality of Technology
Since technology explains liberalism’s rise in the past, it must also be at the heart of its defense today.
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Jeffrey Gedmin, Francis Fukuyama, and the American Purpose team