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Liberalism’s Future: A Symposium, continued

Liberalism’s Future: A Symposium, continued

Following Monday’s set, five more responses to Francis Fukuyama’s take on the challenges to liberalism.

American Purpose

Francis Fukuyama, “Liberalism and Its Discontents”

Higher Goals of Life
A liberalism that fails to come to terms with religion is destined to falter.
A Demographic Mosaic
America’s hiccups with liberal democracy are nothing that can’t be resolved by doubling down on diversity.
The Tolerance Dilemma
The great question facing liberal societies today is how far tolerance should extend.
Where Things Went Awry
The rise of illiberalism in the West flows directly from liberalism’s failures.
When Liberalism Grows Up
For all its flaws, liberalism still has a future—it just may look different from what we are used to.


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